• Foxtech THEA 140 Hybrid Pro Industrial Drone (TAURUS-2 RTF)

Foxtech THEA 140 Hybrid Pro Industrial Drone (TAURUS-2 RTF)


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THEA 140 Hybrid Pro is a quadcopter for industrial application. Made of carbon fiber, it features high ruggedness, compact folding arms and electric landing gears and 5h ultra-long endurance, empowering you to overcome any challenge, safely and efficiently. 

THEA 140 Hybrid Pro adopts two-sided cabinets for placing the DJI A3 flight controller, BEC or more, leaving the central space unequipped to achieve lighter weight and thus longer endurance. 

The integrated generator-gasoline hybrid power system sustains 5 hours of ultra-long endurance with 400g payload and a 2000W manual start generator.

Equipped with DJI Lightbridge 2, it achieves a fairly long-distance signal transmission, allowing for more possibilities for those who demand aircrafts with long range control and endurance to perform tasks. 

With the advanced propulsion system, the payload capacity is greatly enhanced to support 5kg of task loads such as cameras, a PPK system, LED light or it can even be used in delivering vital supplies.

The newly-designed folding arms, removable fuel tank and one set of retractable landing gears save you the space and strength to store and deliver it and at the same time, ensure the gimbal camera a better camera view.

Highly rugged and stable, THEA 140 Hybrid Pro is made of full carbon fiber reinforced plate, enabling it to stand against 8m/s strong wind. 

An all-in-one three-position switch is in charge of three running modes of the generator, which is on, idle and off. 

Two backup batteries are placed in the battery compartments that are strapped to two sides of THEA, in case the power goes out. 

Being highly practical, tasks like inspection, police patrol, transmission line stringing, mapping, surveillance, searching and rescue would be no hard jobs by loading up one of the series of task-load cameras like Argus V2 3D mapping camera, FH336-TR, DJI Zenmuse Z30, Bi-focus thermal camera, etc, which share some of their distinctive functions of object tracking or thermal imaging.


Version: THEA 140 Hybrid Pro Version
Diagonal Wheelbase: 1.4m
Unfolded Dimensions: 100cm*100cm*50cm
Folded Dimensions: 70cm*70cm*50cm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Frame Weight: 3.8kg (with landing gears and 11L fuel tank)
RTF Weight: 12.8kg (with 2x 6s 5000mAh emergency batteries, no gasoline)
Max Take-off Weight(at an altitude of 0m): 19kg (1000m/17kg; 2000m/15kg)
Suggested Max Payload: 5kg (excluding 1.6L gasoline)
Flight Time: 5h (400g payload)
Max Flying Speed: 14m/s
Max Lifting Speed: 4m/s
Max Descent Speed: 3m/s
Max Angle of Bank: 25°
Suggested Flight Altitude: ≤500m
Suggested Take-off Altitude:
0~1000m: 2000W Generator
0~2000m: 2400W Generator
Working Voltage: 48V
Fuel Consumption: 750g/kw.h
Generator Weight: 4kg
Generator Output: 1.8kw(continuous), 2kw(max)
Working temperature: -20℃-40℃
Max Payload:7.7kg(include oil)
Flight time(no payload):5hours
Flight distance with payload:200km with 7.7kg payload

Package Include

TAURUS-2 RTF Combo(with DL900 Datalink):
1x THEA 140 Hybrid Pro Frame
2x Foxtech 6S 5000mAh Lipo battery(spare power supply)
4x Motor 
4x ESC 
1x TAURUS-2 Flight Control System
1x DL900 Datalink
2x(pair) 30 inch Propeller
1x Foxtech GPS Folding Antenna Mount Holder
1x 11L Fuel Tank
1x Electric Landing Gear & 1x Fixed Landing Gear
1x Foxtech NOVA-2000 Manual Start Generator for Hybrid Drones 
1x NOVA-2000 Generator Maintenance Kit 
1x Assembly and Fly Test Package
1x Liquid Level Display



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