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Why Content Creators are buying DJI drones in India?

Updated on Jun 2021

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Drone technology which was once reserved for military operations, has seen a huge explosion in commercial interest since 2006. Today, drones are widely used in more than 20+ industries — like agriculture and Entertainment.

And here’s one sector of people who are exceptionally growing with this technology — Content Creators. Why? Let’s find out...

Genesis of content creators in India.

In 2016, when JIO was launched with lowest data tariffs in India. The company added 7 customers per second. And the country's monthly data consumption went up from 0.2 billion GB to 1.2 billion GB with a growth of 600%.

This transformation led to internet access to hundreds of millions of people. Today, there are 700mn+ internet users in India, which was around 400mn in 2015. During this period, the country observed a growing appetite for content among people.

That posed a great opportunity for content creators — influencers, youtuberes, bloggers. A whole new generation of digital creators were born out of nowhere.

Entertainment, food, traveling, Gaming — you name it. There were creators covering almost every topic that you are looking for.

Leveraging technology to produce great content.

In 2015 there were only two YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers in India. Today, there are more than 1700 channels with 1mn+ subscribers. The success behind content creators is not limited to the script only. There is a massive contribution of various technologies that makes a content go viral.

Like HD video recording camera, Microphone, Editing Software, Lightning etc. These equipment allow creators to differentiate themselves in the internet world.

The formula to produce great content became simpler over time — you need to invest in better technology. Today, you don't run a YouTube channel only, you run a mini film studio too. This formula worked for 1000's of people for a long time.

Everything went well until the explosion of content creators happened. Everybody became aware of how to leverage internet technology and monetize social media platforms. The marketplace got crowded and the internet became a lab of experiment. People started producing content at an exponential rate sitting in their cabin.

The problem occured when budding creators started following experienced creators' paths. And focused on producing similar content which was already published before.

This led to the shortage of creative and original content on the Internet. The existing audience of valuable cretors divided among other budding creators and their market share diminished.

Entered drone technology.

Drones were introduced into filmmaking as cheaper alternatives for helicopter shots. In the past 5 years, drone technology has improved, and so has the imagination of the people who are using them.

Content creators who were once bound to their cabin, saw an opportunity in drones. They understand that social media is inundated with video content. One can acquire a cheap camcorder, microphone to record a video from their home. And the internet was flooded with landscape shots. Shooting solely with a DSLR and vlogging camera has limits.

To stand out in the crowded market, a drone seemed to be the most innovative viable technology. Drones enable creators to take and share exceptional photography and videos - both aerial and landscape.

One industry that is merely touched by copycat creators is travelling. Travelling requires a heavy budget to deliver a quality experience. And a drone amplifies that experience. A drone brings versatility to the travelling videos. It captures beautiful and captivating 4k drone shots.

And mixing your aerial shots with ground footage gives your audience different points of view. And make them feel as if they were with you on the trip.

It's all DJI.

What Apple is in Consumer Electronics, DJI is in commercialize drones. When you buy one of their products you know it's worth the cost.

Drone technology which was once reserved for military operations, has seen a huge explosion in commercial interest since 2006. Today, drones are widely used in more than 20+ industries — like agriculture and Entertainment.

And one company that became the drone industry's most valued company is DJI. According to a report, DJI’s market share has gone up from 72% in 2017 to 74% in 2018. Currently, there is no credible competition in the market to DJI.

From hand-size folding drones to enterprise level flying machines, the world’s top drone maker has something to suit every drone pilot. Most DJI drones have the perfect combination of wildly innovative tech — a high quality camera — a seamless flying experience and smart safety features.

As India being a price sensitive market DJI drones always come with a reasonable price tag. This makes DJI drones attractive to Indian content creators.

Exploring new possibilities.

Content creators foreseen the possibilities to grow with drone technology. They understand that drones are in huge demand because of their versatility.

And drones can be converted into a lucrative business model. If you own a drone you not only shoot content for your channel, but you can also provide drone services to other people.

Advertising companies shoot videos of hotels, resorts and popular landmarks for their ads. So, many creators collaborated with them to provide drone services to record attractive aerial videos.

Similarly, drones are used in wide applications like aerial mapping, wedding photography, filmmaking, precision agriculture etc. Today creators are not limited to one channel only. They are leveraging drone technology to expand their horizon.

Solving the problem.

DJI drones have become a necessary tool for content creators today. Because of its popularity and technology, people rush to buy them. But there is one major problem all DJI drone owners face - How to buy DJI accessories and repair parts?

As DJI doesn't have any official stores in India. And their services are limited to the borders only. One finds it hard to get DJI accessories and repair parts here.

After extensive research, we figured out this was a common problem and neglected by all major drone players. Most companies are focused on selling complete drones only. Not Parts.

So, we added DJI drones accessories to our website. From Mavic Series to Tello drone, We made sure to list every DJI drone replacement part.

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