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In this blog, We cover some of the most commonly asked questions for someone looking to buy a drone and its components.

Where can i buy drone parts in India? UAV, VTOL, FPV components

Updated on Mar 2021

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Every week we come across a news article, scrutinizing India's emerging drone market. That Indian drone industry is growing rapidly and touching new heights. According to the Drone Industry Insights Report also — India is expected to be the third-largest drone market in the world by 2025.

But the reality was different two years ago. Drone technology was at a nascent stage in India. Its potential was completely ignored by the public and the government as well.

When COVID-19 happened, the growth curve shifted. We observed a spectacular explosion of UAV applications in various industries. Due to the flexible nature of drones, it played an important role in fighting and controlling the pandemic.

Now, drone technology is getting traction and being appreciated all over the nation.

But even after such expansion, people in the drone industry face a lot of challenges. One of the major challenges is buying authentic drone components.

Just like a computer, a drone is made up of different parts. Each component plays a vital role in flying a quadcopter. And it requires cutting-edge technology to manufacture them.

Currently, there are no facilities in India that manufacture such high-tech parts. So, companies and institutes have to rely on foreign firms to obtain these products.

Drones are not only expensive but sensitive too. People often crash their drones when flying, which results in destruction of some components. As per a Forbes report, There are roughly 200,000 recreational and commercial drones in India. So, demand for these components is high, more than a drone itself.

But Getting these components is not an easy task.
First - They are not easily accessible.
Second - If you are a beginner, you may accidentally buy duplicate parts from the market.
Third - Due to lack of availability, they are sold at higher prices to customers.

Finding genuine drone components at competitive prices is quite challenging, but not impossible !

At Racerfly, you will get fine components developed by Manufacturers — that are compatible with all types of drones. We have brushless motors, latest propellers, ESC by T-MOTORS. Agricultural equipment such as spraying drone frames and extension rods by EFT. Flagship flight control system by JIYI, pixhawk, FPV and GPS modules by Holybro. Latest Vtol and UAVs for surveillance and inspection by Foxtech. Best drone chargers and Lipo batteries by Skyrc and Tattu respectively. The list is endless, but it's worth exploring.

Let us explain how we help Indian drone enthusiasts to procure UAV parts easily.

Racerfly has collaborated with prominent companies to supply drone parts in India. We have provided a platform to these companies — where they have created their own personnel store. In the stores, products are listed in detailed descriptions along with their prices.

Because there are no middlemen, the prices mentioned with the product are cost-effective. With our message-center service, you can communicate with the suppliers also.

Once you place an order, all the services are given by Racerfly. We handle customs, end-to-end logistics and safely deliver the package to your address.

Not only this, we have a relentless customer support team — who is available to assist you with your purchasing. We strive to deliver a positive buying experience to our customers.

We hope it helps! If you have any questions, fill out this form and our team will contact you soon.


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