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What is Racerfly? A complete beginners guide to understand the platform.

Updated on Feb 2021

5 min read

Racerfly is a B2B ecommerce marketplace where business buyers can directly purchase goods from authorized brand factories.

It is an integrated platform that provides all solutions - connects you with a supplier, provides international payment option, custom clearance services, end to end logistics and a wide variety of options on goods.

What does Racerfly offer?

  1. Connects you with verified suppliers across the globe.

    Racerfly has a network of more than 200 suppliers(manufacturers & brands) who are experts in their field. These suppliers are selected after thorough background checks, factory visits, and competitive market analysis.

    Most brands and manufacturers are involved in continuous R&D and you can buy first-hand products from them even in less quantity. For a better experience, Racerfly also provides a convenient option of "chat with the supplier" to buyers.

    You can directly state your query to the supplier related to the product, pricing, shipping, etc. This way there will be no chance of miscommunication and receiving different products - You get what you ordered. Direct purchase from manufacturers is a viable solution for all businesses.

  2. Shop from a wide variety of options.

    Business buyers have access to a wide variety of products on our platform. In the traditional B2B market retailers and buyers have to stick with available goods that are sold to them by the distributors. On Racerfly, buyers get a wide variety of options on a single product.

    Most of the products are available in different variants such as - color, size, type, and style. So, buyers can select profitable and market fit products according to their need and place an order anytime.

    Hundreds of products are uploaded every day from different categories. To keep up the pace we introduce a new line of products every week on our buyer’s demand and market need.

    Having a business account gives you the advantage to request new products through our survey form. Then these products are properly brought to market at a reasonable price. Having wide variety gives you an option to choose when or however you want to make a purchase.

  3. Receive goods at your doorstep with fulfilled by Racerfly.

    You can place an order on Racerfly from any part of the nation with just one single click. With our integrated service goods will be delivered to your doorstep with 100% Trade Assurance.

    Racerfly will handle freight shipment, customs clearance, and complete logistics until the goods are delivered to you safely. We provide our esteemed buyers the most convenient way to purchase goods from international manufacturers. You can track the product status from dispatched to delivered and expect the delivery on or before the promised date.

  4. Safe & Fast Delivery of orders.

    After the packaging of goods, all orders go through regular quality checks. Sealing, strapping and binding are deeply scrutinized to check they are compliant with regulations.

    The packaging manner is designed systematically so they are less likely to get damaged during shipment. Our first priority is to deliver the products safely to buyers.

    Once the package will be delivered to the buyer, the Racerfly team will contact you within 48 hours of delivery to complete the live video call verification of the consignment.

    In the verification process, we will look through each and every item(s) to make sure that there is no damaged item(s) and match the item(s) details with the invoice. In case of damage or different items, the return will be taken under the return & cancellation policy.

  5. Message Center

    There is no doubt that online communication technology is changing the face of the buyer-supply chain relationship. It opens the door to more visibility, improved relationships, increased control, and reduced operational and supply costs. It may be rote to say that effective communication is vital to the success of your procurement organization. But the fact is, communication is often overlooked as it relates to achieving better supply chain management.

    Today, procurement leaders have a unique opportunity to harness the power of modern communication technologies to build stronger supplier relationships. Online chat is a game-changing technology that has forever altered the way businesses sell to and support customers. This technology has important implications in the procurement industry as well, allowing buyers the opportunity to speak regularly and honestly with suppliers to create more transparency, visibility, and improved relationships, and gain more control over the supply chain.

    Racerfly believes for effective buyer & supplier relationships, communication plays a vital role. So, Racerfly offers a message center to chat with suppliers.

    During online shopping, many buyers have queries related to the procurement of goods. As resellers and businesses purchase goods in large quantities, so questions about shipping, warranty, negotiations, etc are common among them. Direct Communication with suppliers allows the buyer to contact regularly and honestly which opens the door to more visibility, improved relationships, transparency, and a better understanding of suppliers.

To Enjoy unlimited Shopping of goods on Racerfly, become a verified business buyer now.