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Demand for Third-party Apple Accessories in India is taking over OEM accessories: Here’s why?

Updated on Jun 2021

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Two teenage hackers, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched the firm in 1976. The Apple II, the company's second product, was the world's first mass-market personal computer. The Macintosh, which was released in 1984, was the first computer to include a modern graphical user interface used by every computer today.

Apple is one of the most valuable firms in the world. Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iPads are among the company's popular digital products.

Apple's success can be attributed in part to its obsession with the user experience. Apple is a design-driven corporation that prefers to create all aspects of a product in-house, including hardware, software, and internet services. Apple has designed some of the most attractive and user-friendly devices ever because of this strategy.

Apple products and Accessories

Apple's business model is based on innovation and consumer-centric devices. They are able to keep their base due to easy-to-use designs and data migration to new product lines. iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications, iPhone OS (iOS), OS X, and watchOS operating systems, iCloud, Apple Pay, and a variety of accessories, service, and support offerings are among the company's products and services.

Why are Apple products and Apple accessories expensive?

Apple has earned a reputation for product quality and industrial design over the years. Millions of clients have become loyal as a result of this reputation. As a result, brand loyalty translates into a premium that Apple can take from customers who refuse to leave the Apple ecosystem. The "Apple tax," or paying more just because it's an Apple product, is another name for this extra. For example, a 256 GB MacBook Air costs $1,299, yet a more powerful Windows laptop costs nearly $100 less. Apple also does something sly by not allowing you to add memory to the iPhone when you purchase it. As a result, if you want extra RAM, you'll have to pay an additional Apple tax.

These updates are even more pricey with Apple computers. You'll have to pay $400 more than the base model for a 13-inch MacBook Pro with 512 GB of storage. Apple accessories are also more expensive than non-Apple goods. It has a $129 keyboard and a $79 mouse, for example. Even Apple's wires are more expensive. Apple has retained its proprietary lightning connector while deleting essential connections such as the headphone jack and SD card reader, requiring customers to purchase expensive dongles such as its $39 SD-card-to-USB-C reader. But are these goods really worth the extra money? Apple is quite proud of its ingenuity.

What distinguishes Apple from its competitors is its ability to generate more profits. Consider Apple as a luxury brand rather than a technology company. Customers pay more for Gucci or Hermès because the emblem is a status symbol. So even if the handbag isn't more useful, shoppers value it more.

Use of third-party Apple accessories

If there's one thing users adore more than their device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), it's the accessories that come with them.

If accessories are from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), this means the company responsible for making the device has also made the accessories. As a result, the goods have been designed to complement the device’s technology and aesthetics, so you can be assured that something that looks good won't detract from its functionality.

Third-party Apple accessories are not created by the manufacturer, as the name implies. In many respects, these peripheral manufacturers have broadened the market and given consumers more options. Third-party Apple accessories have an advantage in that they can capitalize on features that haven't gone over well and improve them. There's also the possibility of discovering additional things with flair and design from third-party designers. Other perfunctory accessories like Bluetooth speakers or in-car stands for smartphones are also available from both OEM and third-party manufacturers, the performance of which depends largely on the make.

It's extremely crucial to do your research before purchasing gadgets, as low-quality items can damage your phone. Before picking OEM or third-party accessories, you may want to read customer reviews online or speak with one of our advisors via our website (, who can provide you with honest counsel when it comes to accessory selection.

Third-party Apple accessories in India

Apple's plan to outsource manufacturing to China is essentially a competition to see who can produce the most Apple goods in the quickest length of time. This also meant that China was able to remain agile and flexible in response to Apple's needs. China has a large number of hardworking individuals with the necessary abilities.

Having required skill and knowledge, a lot of Chinese factories have started to develop Apple accessories at a lower cost with the same quality. You don’t have to pay “Apple tax” for these accessories :). A few companies in India import these products but either they are very expensive or they compromise on the quality of the product.

Racerfly is determined to provide the best third-party Apple accessories in India at an affordable price. We directly import Apple accessories from the factories and supply them to the customers.