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Setup a store on Racefly at zero cost and connect with 40mn+ Indian SMEs.

Updated on Feb 2021

5 min read

Racerfly brings you the most lucrative platform to sell products in India. Thousands of buyers search on our website every day to buy factory goods. If you are a supplier, brand or manufacturer join with us.

Here are five reasons why selling on Racerfly is way easier than you imagine:
  1. Free Registration:

    Our interactive registration portal allows you to become a verified supplier in a few easy steps. We wholeheartedly invite new suppliers to sell products through our platform.Selling online with Racerfly gives you an immense opportunity to reach a wider audience.

    You will be getting a virtual store to manage inventory and showcase products along with personal information.Our online interactive tools make product listing easier by which you can efficiently expand your store.Not only this,You will also be getting chatting tool to effectively communicate with prospective buyers and convert them. Hurry up! Start Selling in India and Grow your business at a zero set-up cost!.

  2. Wider Customer Reach:

    India is the 2nd most populated country in the world and with the exponential growth in the Internet, the e-commerce market has also experienced a similar boost. It is expected that consumer spending in India will grow four times by 2030.

    After the ban of Aliexpress and Taobao in India,buyers have started to search for new alternatives to buy goods from international factories.You can transform your business by ensuring an all-India presence by becoming a supplier on Racerfly.We ship products across Pan-India and provide a delightful delivery experience to customers.

  3. Customs Handling:

    We offer custom handling services- custom declaration and custom clearance under "Fulfilled by Racerfly".All international orders go through double customs: one in the country of origin and one in the country of destination.In the majority of international shipping situations, the seller is responsible for export customs clearance and the buyer for the import clearance.

    We believe that a supplier need to focus on research & development of product rather than handling customs.So, we take this responsibility and provide best custom clearance services that handles both sides customs. Packages are safely picked up from warehouses and delivered to customer without involvement of supplier and buyer.

  4. Seller Support:

    No matter when and where you need help, the Racerfly support team is there for you. Our Seller support team would be the point of contact and assists you right from the registration process of how to become a supplier. Our trained seller support team is available all day long to assist you with all the confusions, doubts, issues or problems you may have. Our support team is trained to establish and maintain productive working relationships with the current and new potential suppliers.As a Racerfly supplier,you have a wide variety of help and support options at your service.

  5. Zero Marketing Cost:

    Finding unique ways to really stand out among the competition is key to successful marketing. Our marketing team consists of creative people who are experts in product branding, promotions and social media marketing.We work collaboratively to plan out content in advance and perform cross-channel marketing to reach a wider audience.

    We believe in the importance of a culture of innovation. This allows us to develop successful social media strategies to support business goals.We build out our entire marketing campaign by drafting and saving posts as a team, including images and hashtags.

To start your journey as a Supplier on Racerfly, register on our platform with three steps only:
  1. Create an Account.

    Add basic credentials such as company name, address and create an account.

  2. Verify your business.

    Our team will connect with you for the verification process.They will assist you until the verification is complete.

  3. Send Catalogue.

    We will organize the products and list it on our website. You just need to send a catalogue and monitor the growth.

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