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30+ Companies, IITs & IISCs choose Racerfly to get tech parts in India (Featured on Times of India).

Updated on Feb 2021

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Recently, Racerfly- the b2b e-commerce platform for Indian SMEs, was featured on the Times of India second time. So we are delighted to share this news with you. The self-funded startup has been praised for transforming the supply chain of goods and technology in India. The article covers the important aspect of our growth over the years. But there are many questions that have been posted by people online. So, we are writing this blog to cover it all.

Racerfly was founded on the idea that the way businesses and retailers procure goods needs to be streamlined and easy to get fast and better services. The founder started out the business by supplying tech parts to institutions and startups by connecting them directly with factories. Most of the technical components are manufactured in China, Korea, and Japan. Earlier tech companies and institutes used to face a lot of problems to get these components to carry out research & development. So, Racerfly bridge the gap by fulfilling all tech demands and provide components at factory price. Now, Racerfly is successfully assisting 30 tech startups, well-known UAV companies, research Institutes such as IITs and IISC, by supplying them cutting-edge technology along with complete services.

The Times of India article coverage follows a year of significant growth for Racerfly as the company has expanded its offerings to meet the needs of scaling startups. Notable coverage from the TOI article are:

  • Drone technology has been widely accepted by farmers all over India. With the help of drones, farmers can monitor the growth of plants, spray pesticides and timely protect the crops. By cutting out the middleman and integrating the services, Racerfly is able to reduce the cost of agricultural drones from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh in India. This brings a revolution in the drone industry and farming as well.

  • India's startup ecosystem is growing at an incredible pace. Many technology-led startups are emerging every year. Following the trend, the demand for tech supply would increase. Considering this, Racerfly is motivating foreign tech firms to set up micro manufacturing units in the country.

  • Special mention was given by Anil Vanjare researcher at UAV lab in IISC Bangalore. "It’s really great how easy it is to procure top-quality components from Racerfly. Now I have access to all the aerospace components that I need at a reasonable price"

  • Professor Kamal Jain of IIT Roorkee, who has more than 20 patents and has conducted dozens of commercial drone projects, has praised Racerfly too. "They know about the right things for the drones and that’s why they can procure the most optimum from abroad. They have the links to procure drone components,”

"These milestones are a massive testament to each and every buyer who has believed in us over the past two year” said Anant Mittal, Founder of Racerfly after reading the TOI article.“As I reflect on the last year, I’m deeply humbled that so many companies have chosen Racerfly to help them innovate and adapt during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and change. Our buyers are building the next normal, and I’m excited to continue to work alongside them to create a better future.”

All these milestones wouldn't have been achieved without the love & support of all our buyers and followers. Now, Racerfly is expanding its wings and listing all categories of goods on the website. The platform has been widely praised by the suppliers as it lets them connect with potential buyers in India. As a business buyer (retailer or startup) you can communicate with the suppliers, negotiate the prices and shop among the wide variety of goods. For any query, you can contact Racerfly by clicking here.

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